Teresa with Assemblymember Kansen Chu with Daisy and Community Hero Honoree Jana Holmes, former Principal at Horner, Walters, and Irvington.



Dear Friend,

Let’s break new ground to build a better community together.  ​

I’ve broken new ground my entire life. And with your help, I intend to break new ground in this campaign for Fremont City Council in District 6 -Irvington Area. This race is for a newly created open seat as a result of the 2017 district-based election system for city council.

Orphaned at a young age, I’ve learned to never stop fighting for the things I believe in.

From being the first African American woman to earn a degree in Nuclear Engineering in the nation, to working in the Clinton, Obama and current Administration, to my Silicon Valley career in hi-tech, I’ve overcome obstacles and challenged glass ceilings.

I am a second generation of Californians where my family founded towns in the Bay Area.


To build a better community, it is so important to work with everyone and be involved. My community activities include:

 • Ohlone Community College, Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees, elected 3 terms for a

   total of 12 years. Ohlone ranked in Top 5 among 115 California Community

   College. Taxpayers passed $350 million dollar bond measure for 3 academic core

    buildings. Ohlone is a world of cultures united together.

 • Ohlone College Foundation Scholarships to deserving high school students

   from Irvington & Kennedy High Schools at  these links:

  • Block Captain for Neighborhood Crime Watch Grimmer & Mayfair


 • Reader in local Fremont school organized by Fremont Fire.

 • Councilmember, California District Export Council, appointed during

    Obama Administration and re-appointed by current Administration.

 • Community Organizer for Virtual Community United in Prayer Services

    with diverse faith based leaders and Fremont Police to unite 

    community. Featured on ABC7News at this

    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryuHLEY0fFM

 • Chair, City of Fremont Economic Development Advisory Commission for

    8 years (fmr.) and lead trade mission to China.


 • Volunteer, Harbor Light Church  for Free Food Giveaways.


 As a candidate for Fremont City Council, I will not accept developer campaign donations so I can be transparent and make excellent decisions that will benefit our community.


As a mother, businesswoman, and Ohlone Community College Trustee for 12 years, and former Chair, Fremont Economic Development Advisory Commission, I know that the issues we face require a leader with real know-how. As the only woman in this race, I will bring a unique perspective to issues like police funding & brutality, crime, safety, education, advancement of women and minorities, and racism.

I’m ready to put all my experiences to work for you because I will work hard to ensure that all Fremont thrives. My extensive work in our community has prepared me to be your Fremont City Councilwoman in District 6.

I am the only candidate in this race with the experience that allows me to hit the ground running once elected. As a leader in District 6, I have the experience. I have working relationships with other leaders in business, education, stakeholders, law enforcement, and community advocates. 

By working together, we can make Fremont a better place for you and me.




 Teresa Cox                            


Irvington High School 

 • PTSA Member 

 • Team Mom for Boy's Basketball and AAU activities (2015-


 • Team Mom for Boys Volleyball that won the 2018 NCS Regional

   & League Championships and are history makers at Irvington.


 • Mentor youth leadership on community initiatives, i.e. No

    vaping initative and Change.org petition, community


 • Annual Crab Feed Supporter for Irvington Athletics.

Horner Junior High School (2017-2019)

 • PTSA Officer

 • Latinx Parent Advocacy Group

 • Advocate for Girls Basketball and AAU activities.

 • Plan district and school-wide events, i.e.   

   Community Health Fair, 

    Cultural Diversity, Teacher Appreciation, and 8th

    Grade Promotion Celebrations

 • Fremont Unified School District African-American


    Task Force

 • Mentored Irvington & Horner youth on Women in Leadership Roles.

 • Youth Movement member of League of Women Voters to register youth

    to vote at Irvington High School & Robertson High School &

    Youth Forum.                                                    

All registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot this November automatically. All you need to do is register above!

"For the last twelve years, it has been an honor to serve as an Ohlone College Trustee. Access to a great education and a good job are the cornerstone of our community. I am proud of my record fighting for students, professors, and staff to build a world-class community college.

Thank you Ohlone for an amazing journey!"

~Teresa Cox, 2020

Teresa currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Ohlone College Board of Trustees, promoting affordable higher education for over 8,000 students each year. 

  • Ohlone College now ranks in Top Five” honors of all 115 California community colleges in the state for highest transfer rates. 

  • More women than ever are serving in leadership roles.

  • Preparing our students for the future.

  • Passed a $349 million-dollar bond measure for three (3) academic core buildings opened on January 24, 2020.

  • Dedicated the Student Service Building, 900 spaced parking garage, Olympic swimming pool, and athletic fields.

  • Lead initiatives to celebrate the cultural diversity in our community including: African American Heritage Month, Indian Republic Day, Afghan American Heritage Day, Native American Heritage Month, Latinx Heritage Month,   Filipino American, Juneteenth, Asian American, Pacific Islander Day, Women's Herstory Month, Deaf Awareness, National Disabilities  Awareness Month, Black Lives Matter, and LGBTQ Day.

Some of Ohlone's Accomplishments During Teresa's Tenure...

Representing District 6

District 6 includes:Irvington, Grimmer, Automall, Paseo Padre, Blacow, South Sundale, Osgood, and Southlake

View Fremont's interactive district map to see which district you are in.

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